Was started in 2013 by a group of friends who set out to do everything differently. We have grown into a recognized brand, but the our initial reception came with much confusion. People didn’t understand our brand, packaging our purpose. This is when we knew that we were doing a good job. If you’re not running with us, run from us.


Caldwell Cigar Co is the brain child of Robert Caldwell. Prior to Caldwell Cigar Co, Robert founded Wynwood Cigar Factory, in Miami Florida. He also owned and operated The Hotel Humidor Company, a hospitality-centric cigar company. 



From the beginning, Caldwell has sought to do good through a variety of initiatives. We have sponsored art initiatives, as well as charitable projects through Lost&Found Cigars. We are in the process of building a foundation and developing events to incorporate consumers and retailers in initiatives that are important to us, such as: Beach Cleanups, Homeless Hunger Outreach and Inner-City Education. 


We are a company run by friends for friends. We have never cared about being a huge company. We set out to make great cigars in exceptional packaging and enjoy what we do with those who share our interests. Do things well. Do good. Have fun. It’s that simple. 



Our cigars have been around for a while, but when we first launched, our packaging caught the industry off-guard. It is as unique as the cigars inside. We do not use the ‘run of the mill’ tobaccos that everyone else does. Our blends are built off of unique tobaccos that are proprietary to us, are rarely available, and very unique. We set out to deliver a new experience.