Our Story

Caldwell Cigar Company was created in 2014 with a very simple agenda: to create special cigars using well aged rare tobaccos and to enjoy the hell out of what we do. We are a business built on friendship and fun. Our goals will always be: Creation , Innovation & Ambition.

Caldwell products are built using very well aged and rare tobaccos. We use such aged tobacco to provide year-over-year consistency in flavor and experience. Tobacco is a crop just like everything else; It has its seasons. The best way to control consistency is to age the tobacco for a very long time. We have always leaned towards tobaccos that were harder to procure, or more limited in nature, so that we can deliver a flavor that isn’t quite what you are used to.

Our Founder, Robert Caldwell

Robert Caldwell has been a nonstop creative force since entering the cigar industry in 2008. Always an avid smoker, Caldwell found himself in the industry through his love of cigars, as well as a bit of fate. His first venture was creating  a hospitality cigar distribution company. His initial interest was to be on the sidelines, as more of a passive asset, but found himself waist deep before he knew what hit him.

It's about our synergy within the industry, not our brand on the shelf.

From there, he went on to manufacture private label brands for a variety of hotels and restaurateurs before opening The Wynwood Cigar Factory in Miami, Florida. The factory turned out to be a truly opportunistic learning experience and led Robert on to the Dominican Republic where his concepts really took off.

In 2014 Caldwell founded Caldwell Cigar Company and Down&Back Distribution and proceeded to create a portfolio of very special brands and collaborations.

Caldwell and Down&Back have enjoyed countless accolades and awards since breaking into the market.